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Sample Top 10 Generic So What Positioning Statements

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Sample Advisor So What Positioning Statements

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Merrill Lynch Becomes Advisory Firm

Merrill Lynch appears to be transforming itself from a wirehouse to a gigantic financial planning firm, even though there's no talk of a new master plan. The firm is phasing out the "stockbroker" concept, at least for public consumption, and replacing it with "adviser." Merrill is using a blunt mix of rewards, punishments and intensive training to get there. It's even bringing in outside help to achieve its goals. Download Document

"As a comrade in aspiring to motivate others, I am always appreciative of Mark's content. I am continually refreshed and energized when I pour over his material, written or otherwise. What's more, and perhaps above all else, I am struck by his sincerity; he's real. He passionately strives towards the elevation of his students." John L. Evans Jr., Director of Business Development, CNLBank Wealth Management, Author, "The Focinar, A Genuine Persuasion System"

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